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Ooops. I've been forgetting to update (naughty boy)

It looks like it's been about a fortnight since I properly updated. I didn't even do a proper update about Whitby! Ah well the only thing I really have to add to kissycat1000's entry is that next time (whenever that is) we must really make more of an effort to meet the people we've been meaning to. Damnit. And kissycat1000 posted a reasonable (for once) photo of us here.

Anyway, the immediate stresses I mentioned with kissycat1000 are over, and I think things are gradually improving. Yay!

I insured myself on the old Escort, and put ev1ldonut on as a named driver as he explains here. More money, but it means I can drive anyone's car 3rd party, and it makes my and his lives easier in terms of transporting stuff and fixing bikes, and getting around, respectively.

This weekend has been good - relaxed, close and generally good. Just what was needed I think :)

Oh, and I am definitely going to do jury service starting on the 8th December; quite possibly a welcome change.

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