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A brief entry to say P-A-N-i-C!

  • Told this morning that work was definitely being done in Bangalore
  • Realise this means I also need to go out to hand work over, minimum of 2 weeks
  • Inform Account Manager of scenario - he tells me We Will Not Get Work if it goes out to Bangalore. He goes to have Words with People.
  • Meanwhile, because there is still a good chance I'll still be going out: Run around like the proverbial blue-arsed fly sorting out visa (with passport pickup from the wonderful kissycat1000! *kiss*), injections, etc
  • Still waiting to hear whether I am / am not going out
  • Injections are given 4 weeks before departure usually; need to have a consultation to determine whether it's safe for me to go out 10-21 Nov *sigh*

UPDATE: Oh yes, and don't forget Whitby stuff too, which is why this all needs to get sorted out today.. *stresses*
UPDATE2: Right, definitely not going to Bangalore on the 10th, so immediate panic over. The Account Manager has Had Words with People and there will be a meeting to discuss Bangalore's workload and therefore feasibility of doing this work out there. If not, it comes back to me. If they can, I'll be handing it over (at some later date). Aaaand relax.. *huge sigh of relief*

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