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[Geek] The Beast, updated, plus more

I've been meaning to get some pictures together of the setup under the stairs in Fortress Geek where I live with chocojon as my landlord, rik and jikatal. Although 'live' is a loose term for someone who visits once or twice a week.

This is the cupboard under the stairs. From the left, there is a 14" monitor and keyboard there as a terminal. The small beige machine next to the monitor is it's the firewall/internet connection/server machine. The FTP server runs on this machine, as does TLS/SSL encrypted IMAP4 mail, webmin over SSL, traffic shaping (not sure how well this is working currently) etc. It's only a C300A with 128MB, but it's running Debian and doing a good job. Next along is a 650VA UPS, which powers everything but the cable modem, which is sitting atop the UPS. After that, there is a 200W AT power supply, which supplies power to 3 of the 9 HDDs in the final machine in the picture, the beast. As you can see, the beast has new fans, all multi-coloured and glowing. The HDDs run a little hotter (35C as opposed to 28C) but the fans were cheap and quiet.

This is a rather cool (IMHO) picture of the beast taken both with and without flash, and the results combined and faded between the two :) Notice the new icon *grin*.

The network cables run to every room in the house, courtesy of mainly chocojon. They feed up to a 32-port 10/100 switch.

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