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There are quite a few stories around, but I think this one (thanks sciamachy) from The Guardian gives a good idea of the bigger picture.

I agree with the historical justice slant in the story.. but I was not around when this sort of thing was going on. I made career decisions based on the facts as I understood them at the time, which I now see as less than foolproof. I now need to think about my own security. I'm seriously beginning to wonder if it might be prudent to retrain in a job that can't be shipped out to another country. One of the 'skilled' trades which are undervalued like carpenter, plumber, electrician, mechanic, builder. I realise that people can be brought in to this country to do those jobs too but then they have to face the same cost of living problems we all do, so we'd be competing on a much more level playing field.

I've also not been enjoying my job of late, although parts of it I have. I wonder if making that decision soon is wise, given there will be a large workforce out of work who are also technically inclined who will start to think on similar lines?

Food for thought, at any rate. I may have to do some research.

My time off is coming to a close - well actually I should be at work now, but I'm not. kissycat1000 is asleep upstairs and I'm sitting here somewhat frustrated by the garage who yet again have failed to do the work on my bike when I asked for it. I must admit they're not entirely to blame but there was a bit of a communication crisis as per usual. The risks of trying to do things cheaply I suppose; still, it should all be lovely when they finish *fingers crossed*.

Yesterday there was a bit of a continuous child crisis at one point, which saw me involved in their lives as much as I ever have been. J was climbing out of his seatbelt in the car through frustration I think and my keeping him held there was probably adding to it, but he accepted his discipline well enough and had calmed down remarkably when I went to get him from his room later. T is having a few problems at school - the usual for someone starting at a secondary school, made more so because she's someone who so wants to please people and become their friends. We were able to talk to her and she has been listening to what we have to say. I think she feels better and hopefully will take our advice to heart the next time difficult situations present themselves. These times are very important in her development.

Also, after I put J to bed, there was a small crash and anguished crying.. when I went up J had wedged his foot in between some furniture in his room and had managed to cut his toes. He seemed to calm down when I tended to it and kissycat1000 came up to help me (and T to see what all the fuss was about). After it had been cleaned up and J calmed down, I put a 'special sock' on his foot which he didn't seem to mind about and he went to sleep. This morning he called for me; there was some confusion about wanting me to carry his three towels, toy AND Nemo beanie AND THEN give him BOTH hands AND carry him, AND on my shoulders (which I refused) and then wanted me to do some amazingly complicated dance with the doors upstairs before he'd allow me to carry His Royal Highness downstairs and then protest that there was STILL unfinished business upstairs.. *sigh*. So that was fun. :S

For me, all these things make me feel worthwhile and valued and accepted in their lives, which means a great deal to me.

kissycat1000 has just emerged but is not really awake yet. Perhaps another cup of coffee and tea is in order :) Oh, and marmite on toast apparently.. *grin* (and no ninneviane, I'm not under the thumb :P~~ )

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