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Superbo fantastico!

I just wanted to write to say I'm thoroughly enjoying my break. So far I've managed to strip the bike: draining and renovating the tank so hopefully it won't leak; strip and repaint the exhaust with heatproof paint; organise a service including carb clean on Monday, organise the other exhaust to be repaired on Monday while the bike is in the garage, put the bike back together and not have it blow up (always good). Soon it will be running as sweet as a nut!

I've also got hold of two fans for the beast, cheap and colourful *grin*. Hopefully they'll be quieter too. I'll have to post new photos of the beast in it's rightful location with new colourful fans. God I'm so sad *grin*.

[another interlude from kissycat1000 and she still has just as few clothes on as before, except now they're different ones... women! *sigh*]

kissycat1000 and I also cleaned the house today and kissycat1000 also sorted out the last two boxes of stuff from the big cupboard.

I think the reason I've managed to get so much done is because I'm relaxed, and know that I won't just be getting stuff done. I'll also have the time afterwards to sit back and relax and enjoy the rewards of the hard work before I have to go off anywhere.

This break is doing me the world of good :) In fact, I think I'll plan to use my remaining holiday this year to make my weekends extra-long :)

Oh yes, and tonight, Judder! ninneviane and jo_kat should shortly be arriving. fiendster and his brother in law should be coming around.. we'll be meeting his actual brother there and also sacha37. Woohoo! Time for another beer :)

UPDATE: Damn, just been refused my second beer as I'm probably going to need to drive some of us in tonight. Oh, and forgot to mention ev1ldonut and I had to groom and clean kissycat1000 earlier and she had the audacity to complain! Oh, and thirdly, I (thankfully) realised I'd told ninneviane the wrong junction from the M5. Luckily I don't think this was too much of a problem :)

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