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A rollercoaster ride...

(the first two taken from an earlier post)

Opened some mail today from my insurance company.. they won't shell out the full worth of my bike. I could bore you all with the details but suffice to say that I will lose most of the value of the bike by the end of it...

Down more...
Can't connect to IMs from work any more *sigh*. Probably for the best.

Up up up!...
kissycat1000 txt'd me to say that she was in the shopping complex just down the road and would I like to meet for lunch! Yay!

Had lunch with her and Ric and played pool - lost playing doubles with kissycat1000 against another couple in the pub. Um. They were playing one-handed. I can't believe it! Well I blame kissycat1000, who fouled and lined the winning shot up for them.. hah!

Down again
Looks like our Test Manager is out to sabotage our project - he is going to present a report tomorrow suggesting a go-live date of July 2003. Business will just laugh him out of the meeting and can the project entirely.

I'm alright jack but I will need to find another project to work on.

Jeremy, my boss at work, has suggested that he might want to sell his touring bike to me fairly cheaply.. yeah! Ric also mentioned he was going to suggest renting my car off me in order to save some money, which combined might just enable me to get the bike and insure it! Yeah!!

Down again again
eze sounds like he's having problems. I hope he works it out...

Going to eat food and go to the cinema with Ric and Abi tonight to watch Monster's Inc! Yay!

Dizzying whirlwind stop at home...
Wow... I feel dizzy. Anyone for a drink?!?

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