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It's a man's world...

Following the responses to my copy of the describe me in one word meme, it's made me wonder when I'll become a Man.

I don't really feel like one at the moment, and certainly a lot of you see me in ways which simply aren't.. well.. manly. I do manly things; I own a motorbike, fix computers and do DIY to name just the polite ones. Dare I say I'm even getting hairier (which is another matter altogether).

When I think of a Man, I think of say, my dad, or some of the more mature people in the office. Does that mean a man has to be older? I don't know. What about responsibilities, like children? Pass.

I know people who are older but they're still very much children - dylan, for example. I don't think he'd be offended by that either :)

kissycat1000 says that one day I'll wake up and realise I'm not as bouncy as I used to be, and I'll stop being all those things you people described me as. I'll cut off my hair, wear a shirt and tie to work, own conservative clothes. I won't be able to pinpoint a certain time when it happened - it will just have happened gradually.

In that case I don't think I want to grow up.

What about you lot? Do you think you are an adult? Do you want to become one, or do you consider yourself one already? What does being an adult mean to you?

UPDATE: Eeek! And now this, nicked timely from lark_ascending.. so perhaps I've put my finger on it - it's not just me?

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