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As kissycat1000 says I'm not feeling great. And to make matters worse, no milk, so black tea and coffee *yeuch*

I sent an email to my Project Manager letting him know I was off feeling run down after the stresses of the weekend. He then replied back with this big long kind thoughtful email (he's a very affable chap, work aside) expressing concern and pointing me in the right direction and offering sympathy. I felt a bit bad about that so I emailed him back a thank you and mentioned that I'd suffered depression in the past and this was just physical fatigue and the emotional stresses had subsided, but that I was fine with purposeful work. Still, meeting tomorrow to discuss the angle for presentation to the client.

Then, on Friday, the same Project Manager is going to have a discussion with the sponsor who can authorise the project. The topic of outsourcing the work to Bangalor will come up. Now this is interesting because this is the first time I've had direct and personal competition for work due to outsourcing to foreign climes. The problem is when PM fees for a person in Bangalor are £4.60 an hour there is hardly any competition.

Luckily for me, this work is very intricate in that people have tried and failed to come up with a workable solution for three years. The only reason something is happening now is because I'm pushing it along the route of best compromise. The other thing is that DR (Disaster Recovery) is a difficult system which involves interacting with all other components and thus will need detailed discussions with people who work on those bits. I just feel it's going to be best achieved in Bristol. That, and the project already has a 150% profit margin anyway means it shouldn't be too much trouble to convince the sponsor that the work would be better done in Bristol. Still, it's an interesting problem. Luckily I feel my skills and approach will mean I shouldn't have to suffer too much from the undercutting ability of forgein outsourcing. Hopefully.

kissycat1000 mentioned all the vinyl she (and I) bought yesterday. I just have to say that Black Sabbath - TYR was the first record in the collection for sale that I clapped eyes on. I couldn't believe it! An album I've had trouble getting in the past and here it was on vinyl. I really wanted a copy for kissycat1000's house so vinyl it was *grin*.

We're just about finished listening to The Cult - Electric, which was highly recommended by both people in the hifi shop. And now I know why - very good :) Now I'm listening to TYR for the first time on vinyl and I'm falling in love with it all over again in a different way *sighs happily*

I will be going back to Bristol after tea today because I need to sort out the dodgy harddisk in The Beast and I won't get a chance to before the weekend otherwise (and I'd rather not lose the 1TB on there). Also, a friend of kissycat1000's is coming around for a girly night tonight so I had better have pissed off *grin*

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