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Fear the return of the picture-story weekend!

I turned up in Brighton after an amusing ride along the M25 where I met a couple of other bikers. I was quite shocked how short the distance from London to Brighton is! I thought it would be longer. Pleasant surprise.

Got there to find there was a metric shitload of bikes. Apparently it was a Speed Sprint weekend (or similar) that happens every second weekend in September - one of the seafront roads was blocked off and used for 1/4 mile sprints. I parked up and called kissycat1000 who hadn't been feeling well when I left - she still didn't sound too good but thankfully she recovered not long after that. Anyway I had a guy come up and ask to pose with my bike! Quite amusing considering the number of bikes there. Anyway, after removing the keys from the ignition I agreed *grin*.

olsw was round at his neighbour's house, where a BBQ was ensuing. Rather than show you loads of photos of people you don't know, here's one of something else:

Part of the owner's beautiful garden

It was a lovely day. Very friendly people, a bit the worse for wear. I was sober as I had to ride later to meet gashinryu and blaadyblah. I was taken in and offered lots of lovely food; meat in various scrumptious forms and fresh salad with homemade dressing - yum! What hospitality! I got to meet olsw's new girlfriend Jo. She's lovely :)

Soon enough it was time for olsw to go to work and time for me to head off.

I arrived and more camera silliness ensued:

gashinryu acts all surprised

We chatted, played music and made merry. Soon we played scrabble. The scores were pretty dire but pretty close. I had all vowels at one point and ended up swapping my letters out. That's what I'm blaming my loss on, at any rate. One thing I must mention is that blaadyblah won twice, technically. She chose my last word which earned me 42 points, putting me in the lead. I was 25 points behind before that. A rematch will be had! Rar!

More like scramble..

Well, by this time we were all a bit the worse for wear. At gashinryu's suggestion we watched Gia. An excuse to see Angelie Jolie without her clothes on, that's for sure :) And no, I don't have any pictures of it *grin*

After that, things just went downhill. I watched gashinryu and blaadyblah play pat-a-cake (I kid you not!):

Pat-a-cake. No, really.

Then there were amusing acrobatics on blaadyblah's part, and in a pique of camera indulgence gashinryu gave us an impression:

Rock-God or Oh-My-God? ;)

Luckily, even after that display blaadyblah still loves him:

Aaaw :)

We had a good evening:

A fun evening :)

Got to bed at stupid o'clock and eventually managed to get back to Brighton a little later than planned. olsw, Jo and myself went for a nice walk along the sea front and checked out the bike thing that had been happening all weekend. Loads of bikes, shows and stuff. Unfortunately the batteries in the camera ran out not long into the walk and I forgot to take the replacements with me, so I have a few dodgy photos of some bits and pieces:

Bikes parked. The whole seafront was basically a bike-park.

Trying to give you an idea - there really were more bikes than cars.

And then a long journey home. Nearly got knocked off by an idiot boy racer in a sporty Audi A3, in Brighton of course. Felt like kicking his door in.

Tired. Bed. :)

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