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Erm, updatey-thing.

So, this update will be being made on my new laptop, which I've just about got set up reasonably. So much has happened that I just haven't talked about, much like purrthecat said. I started a diet last week (eating less, no snacks, no drinking mid-week) and have been pretty good with it. Looks like I may well be going out to Greece for a short visit on the project I thought I'd sunk at the beginning of October. Obviously, the laptop. I have been very busy doing things for myself and others. The details can be pieced together from kissycat1000, ev1ldonut and others.

This weekend is looking free-ish. I'm not sure what my plans are just yet though. Feel free to give me some suggestions.

Am at home today, mostly because I'm shattered from getting a disturbed night's sleep last night.

That's about it. More when I'm feeling more chatty.

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