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The LAN weekend

What follows is a long (and potentially fairly boring) account of what I did over the weekend.

I went to the BUNCS LAN in the evening after work with Ric. Managed to piss off goddesssnoweh before I left because I was taking gateway, our machine that connects to the internet, which also has 0.5TB of disks in for the FTP site, after Jon had taken the switch which connects all the computers in the house together and to the internet. I felt like Jon and I were being taken for granted, which is why I snapped at her. I did later apologise when I came back on Sunday however. Played a few games which I didn't do too badly at and got people to copy stuff off the FTP site.

Woke up at 9:30, decided to get up at 10am after not having heard from kissycat1000 as I had asked.. huh! Was just finishing dressing (literally) as she rang on the door to come and pick up / mend her car along with Rob and their two kids, Jordan and Tianna. I was quite nervous about how he might be around me after last time (when he wouldn't speak to or look at me). On approaching and offering cups of tea / coffee and help he seemed friendly, chatty and interested. I was absolutely delighted - put me in a really good mood. I hung around a little to make the best of his amiable mood and also to learn more about what was wrong with the car.

We decided to go to Bath in my car as the pipe that kept the cooling system topped up was blocked, and after her last experience with the broken down car despite the breakdown cover it seemed best. Went up to uni again where the LAN was and mucked around for a bit waiting for Ric and Dylan to get there to come round Bath with us, but to no avail. Also started watching Lord of the Rings, but the kids got restless and kissycat1000 was never keen to see it outside of a cinema or not DVD quality where she could enjoy the full experience. So we decided to go into town.

I have a new friend. I think Tianna thinks I'm the best thing since sliced bread - mostly because I paid her some attention *grin*. My shoulders ache so much because Jon and I were carrying her around on our backs and shoulders

It was a bit difficult to get around the shops as Jordan was in his buggy and all the shops in bath are quirky and quaint and have steps and floors and things. Ah well we'll just have to go back another time without the kids and do it properly..

Got back to the LAN for about 7pm after dropping them all back at their car outside my house in Bristol and going back to Bath.

More LAN, got a lift with Jon and Kt back to Bristol in the evening. Should have slept like a baby, but drank too much red bull and was very weird (but good weird) on the way back in the car. Stayed up and watched a raunchy American film around a baseball team and their members before eventually going to sleep at something like 2am...

Got a lift back with Jon to the LAN, did the LAN thing and went to Kt's parents house with Jon and Kt for lunch (bacon sarnies mmmmm). There was noone else there but got to see where Kt lives and saw I think 3 of her 4 cats, which was really cool. Made a few friendly digs at Jon about having cats in the house where we live (he's my landlord and he won't let me because some of his friends are allergic to them). I was going to get Kt to take a picture of me and a cat sniffing each other's noses but she couldn't find her dad's digital camera and Jon hadn't brought his :/.

It was nice spending a bit of time with Jon and Kt - relaxing and felt good spending some time in their company :)

Got back home earlyish and set up my computers. Made my peace with goddesssnoweh - life's too short for grudges. Think my apology was accepted.

Tomorrow Trudi (my direct boss at Orange) is back from 6 weeks snowboarding in France. We were going to dye our hair red to welcome her back (she dyed hers red just before leaving) but we've opted for less permanent greetings. I've decided to put my hair up in the style of her hair which should look completely rediculous (hopefully). Much fun and merriment.

Bed time I think :)

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