Azekeil (azekeil) wrote,

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Right! I'm going to rant!

I'm at home. I'm not properly awake, I have work to do that just doesn't interest me right now. I'm talking to the ever-lovely duranorak, who I'll get to meet tomorrow (finally! *bounce*). I have loads of stuff I need to do, and not much interest in doing any of it. *throws toys out of pram*. I want to play games and fuck around and generally enjoy myself and stuff. I'm fed up of sort of having to do stuff and being frustrated by it all. I'm fed up of spending SO much time getting somewhere and never actually really getting to enjoy the benefits of the effort I've put in.

Is this a Friday thing? Oh, and I forgot to mention. I had male PMT again towards the start of this week. I think it was possibly Tuesday night / Wednesday morning.

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