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Argh! No Time! No Time!

Right, quick round-up. Went to see T3 tonight with dylan and ghostpaw as a last-minute plan. Was exactly as expected so I enjoyed it :)

So, didn't do geeky stuff with rik as planned - he didn't seem to be around anyway. Are you reading this rik?

Want to share this with you, pinched from tacohell. It's a very cute flash adventure thingy :)

I haven't had time to even reply to comments on my last damn entry! Am going to do that now before bed.

I have to find another way to cope with LJ. hythloday is right, it's a nightmare trying to cope with it all. I had a vague idea to start a community for important posts - it would only work if friends could filter it by the friends they have added. In the mean time I'm only managing to skim most entries and post the odd feeble comment here and there. Aaargh, drowning.

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