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The weekend of Weaselfest-lite

Friends, Romans, Countrymen. I enjoyed this weekend :) Here's a brief rundown:

kissycat1000 couldn't get a babysitter so Judder was off unfortunately. Sorry _wires, we'd have loved to come and hear you DJ. A quiet night in got more interesting when stuartl decided to come a-visiting on the spur of the moment..

Cooked a fry-up for everyone while the kids bounced over everyone. No respite carer for J. Bum. Arrangements got changed around as a result, but everyone ends up pretty much happy, I think..

I spend the rest of the morning getting ready and sorting out the bike. Eventually I set off at about 12:45 and get to androktone's in 2 hours, no hassles, not bad :)

hythloday is the only one in who avoids me at first because apparently my knock sounds like androktone's anti-husband.. *shudder*. Anyway, eventually the bike and be-leathered person standing outside convinces him it's not and he lets me in. We talk lots. Next person to show up is androktone, who had her work shifts rearranged and ended up having to go in, so she came home early ;) Soon, tacohell shows up and we all chat away :)

I'd not been drinking in case we needed to make excursions and wanted to be able to ride. We take a walk down to the local shops and decide to ride to get cheaper beer and pizzas from Sainsburies. I convince androktone (after failing to convince hythloday) she wants to get on the back of my bike to do so and I scare her witless in the process *bwahahahaa*.

Sorry to hear duranorak is having a bum time and that she could-of-nearly-but-not make it.. *sigh* Hope it gets better for you soon *hugs*.

Drinking commences. We fail to convince another of androktone's friends over but instead get contact details for a rather efficient and cheap delivery service. Well impressed! Hair playing circles are set up. (god that sounds like a knitting circle or something..!!)

Now we're all happily playing along with two vices, truefang and Rachel (sp?) show up. In the middle of a slightly drunken phone-call to kissycat1000.. that was fairly amusing! We all end up in the garden, things make a lot of sense. To my surprise, Rachel works in Bristol, as a network tech! We proceed to get further muntered and geek horribly at each other, leaving the rest of the crowd out of the proceedings (sorry folks!). androktone disappears off to bed as she has work early in the morning.

Eventually it's stupidly dark, and the what felt like nettles my feet were in were beginning to piss me off, so we retreated indoors. At least, that's how I remember it (being fairly oblivious). We're all absolutely trolleyed and it's only 9:30pm..!

More hair playing. We listen to music. Blither blither blither... argh. truefang and Rachel go home. It's bedtime..

Wake up with the sunrise and wait several hours for tacohell and hythloday to emerge. Turns out they crashed later.. androktone's already at work and it occurs to me I'm not going to see her before I leave - belated apologies! *hugs*

tacohell has plans to visit dennyd with robinbloke. Amusingly I decide I should tag along to surprise dennyd. After some faffing over arrangements we get there on my bike, saving robinbloke a journey. I think she liked it *grin*.

Turned up before dennyd and robinbloke. Annoying irksome kiddy brat thing hassled us so we pissed off to have a *pint* and a chat - was good :) Bumcracks on bikers are not big and they're not pretty. Well alright his was big...

Got everyone out to have a LARDburger and general chattiness and silliness ensued, before getting back and gearing self up to prospect of the journey homewards after a stomach full of difficult-to-digest cow.

Managed it and indeed got back in just two hours. Raced a Mazda MX6 something-something-convertible. It lost.

Got back before kissycat1000 and entourage got back from cinema, much to my annoyance. Went on an unexpected but very welcome and pleasent trip to find a 24 hour shop that *was* open after 4pm on a Sunday *sigh*.

Bed. Sleep.

And now the weekend comedown.. *sigh*

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