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Ooh looks like the sh1t's about to hit the fan. Of course it could all be rumours blown out of proportion but there are murmurings of disgruntlement in the senior management at Orange about the project I am working on. This isn't especially bad news for me - even if it gets axed I will still have a job but the prospect of being back on the bench and hunting down other projects really isn't a thrilling one. Plus it also means that I will then become a more legitimate target for our own company's ruthless 'cost saving exercises'...

Ah well.

Tonight I went to Area 51, a comic store where they play games in the evening sometimes. It was full of the usual geeks, but I thought it might be fun to try something different for a change. I was wrong. But hey ho, I got to drive Andy's Z3 there and back (took the long route obviously). Burned up this Mercedes - left it in the dust ;). Before you say anything it was over a distance of about 300 meters in a straight line and I slowed back down to 20-30 to go around the roundabout at the end of the straight, so no big deal. It was my bit of fun for the evening.

I shall not make the mistake of tanking up on caffeine again tonight.. I actually want to be able to get out of bed tomorrow and go into work.

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