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Good lord.

An update. I'm at work and the internet is down. In my work I'm currently waiting for others to become free so I thought I might as well write an update and post it from home by taking home on antiquated technology (ie. a floppy disk).

So, work. Well this is interesting (to me at least). I was originally asked to reverse engineer some scripts and use that as the basis for requirements for an updated system for a specific client in Greece. The updated system of course will have some requirements to cope with the new bits and pieces that are get added in as time goes on.

But - it turns out that we want to try to develop a generic solution as well, so that it can be resold to other operators. Great. But two problems. First, the method the specific client use is not suitable for use as a generic solution (it just won't work for all operators), and second, their solution is incomplete.

I drew a line in the sand this week when I basically went against senior management's wishes and said that I would not be producing requirements for the small system. Instead I've told them I've changed my job to look at the wider picture. This is necessary because when we take back the solution that the client requested and point out its flaws, they're going to want to know about solutions to the problems we've pointed out.

My project manager has been in Greece (on holiday) all this time so it's something that's happened off my own back. He's come back and seen what I've done, and has basically said that he'll leave me to it. I have to provide weekly updates on my progress and this could well mean a short trip out to Greece to discuss matters with the client. Er, woohoo? Does this mean I'm becoming a Project Manager now? *fear*

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