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Today was again stressful. Thankfully everyone on the project is of the opinion that the upgrade project won't get canned as the work involved to patch up the areas the upgrade provided would just not be worth it. Now all they've got to do is convince the people who are paying for it all...

I've now been working on this SSL problem with Lisa on and off for the past week almost. It's very very stressful, and I had a word with her today because it was getting too much. Whatever I said I couldn't get my point across and she was always in the right. I give up. I just hope it's over soon...

On another note sorted yet more things out with kissycat1000. Now just feel like a zombie in the evenings. No conversational ability, no life. Shunned company, both physical and in a phone call.

Want to get round to doing a geeky computer thing, but haven't got enough time for it tonight. Perhaps another night when I'm equally dull.

Need a creative outlet to focus on when I'm not feeling so zombified!

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