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My god, it's that time again..

Wow, a life update! I've not done one of these for a while. Lesse, how do these things go again?

Mostly busy, productive and purposeful at work. This is a Good Thing™. Got completely caught out by the lovely duranorak at work yesterday, but it was lovely too *blows kiss* ;)

Turns out ev1ldonut was able to WFH today, so I picked him up last night and we rode to kissycat1000's. We didn't ride at 130mph in places, nor did I surprise myself (and ev1ldonut *grin*) by grinding my pegs on the M5/A40 roundabout..

I installed the new graphics card provided by jikatal in J's machine. Didn't have time to get the right drivers installed. J had a minor tantrum. Oops.

Went out to the Air Balloon pub for a nice meal in the evening and had upbeat conversations about the future :). Also failed to get hold of jikatal to enquire about the correct drivers for the card.

Got back and installed the ceiling fan in the lounge (don't worry gashinryu, we've left the bedroom one for you!). That was an effort and a half. Had to retreat at one point and drill pilot holes due to screws getting graunched (technical terms ahoy).

Fixed J's drivers despite botched attempts to get hold of jikatal, while ev1ldonut finished off the fan installation. The fan is unbalanced, which concerns kissycat1000. Might be correctable with some fiddling..

Crashed and burned.

I'm going straight from work to my Mum's this weekend. Sister's back from Spain with what now turns out to be two broken arms due to an unfortunate incident with a scooter (hers). Seems like it's turned into a major family event to celebrate various relatives retiring and birthdays and what have you, so that will be fun but hard work no doubt.

Then it's back to Bristol on Sunday to go to dylan's housewarming where I will see kissycat1000 and ev1ldonut of course, as well as uberredfraggle and ghostpaw and probably a whole other bunch of reprobates as well.

Undecided on how to get there. I can either drink and stay for a short while, or not drink and stay for longer. Am erring towards drinking and staying for a short while (still a good few hours hopefully).

Should be WFH on Monday so I get to see gashinryu and blaadyblah plus kids (*yay*).

That's it folks! Back to work for me. *waves*

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