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Well that was less amusing..

kissycat1000's wonky CD shelves collapsed on my head about 15 minutes ago. It hurt and my head bled a little but I'm OK, if a little shakey and stuff. Still, at least she wasn't doing her usual and lying down on the sofa, head under the wonky shelving. Thank god for working from home eh? *wry smile*

Anyway, the poll was a good bit of fun. Most of you seemed to either like the idea of LiveJournalling nekkid or liked the idea of *me* LiveJournalling nekkid. That question purposely ambiguous ;). I was in fact sober when I posted the poll..

Oh, and it would appear that kissycat1000 has the smallest feet for her stature of the people that took the poll. No real surprise there then ;)

In other news I finally finished the application form and updated my CV to something I'm almost pleased with last night. This is the start of kissycat1000 and I tackling these sorts of big life-changing things together, giving us purpose and a chance at a future together :)

I feel more able to do this now because I have a good purposeful project at work to work on now, which I'm beginning to enjoy. I've finally finished paying for my bike and due to a lot of work managed to get it through its MOT cheaply. I'm now able to save up a fair bit of money which I'm going to use to top up a deposit on a house or to do up a house I might get when I get a job. Things are definitely looking up and I'm feeling optimistic and good :) cybershawn (or aeia, if you'd pass it on), I've sent you an email - I'd like to talk to you :)

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