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An unexpected move

20 minutes before a presentation on something I'm going to need to know for the new work I'm just starting on, my Staff and Project Manager (same guy) calls me up and says "Bring your PC base unit with you to the presentation. I've found you a desk."

And with that, I've moved into a new building with new work colleages and all the rest of the stuff that goes with that. It's quite new and exciting in some ways - new people.

However, it seems I've entered a political hot potato. The people here are all due to be laid off over the course of the next few months, and I've just arrived here as a new person to do new work. You can imagine what sort of a reception I *should* get. But luckily I seem to have been well received, due to the image I project. If I were a suit I'd get cold-shouldered at best, lynched at worse.

Anyway, the move DOES have its positive points. I am now in the same building as the email server I connect to - this is a big relief. Also, there are KETTLES here, so I can make PROPER tea! This is such an important thing :)

I am also surrounded by more techy unix geeky types. This is also a good thing :)

Right, on with my work (reading documents *sigh*)

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