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I've read this comment by soarer123 about three times throughout the day, having not having had time to reply until now. At first look it does seem a more calm and placid approach. But there are some things that are just not true, and couple that with the way you interact with people on here and I'm afraid you will get absolutely no sympathy from me or likely many other people on here. Let me tell you why:

First, from reading your comment I discover that you are the same person who irked deathboy with the same sort of brash insulting style, and you did it anonymously. You have a lot to learn about establishing a reputation before you and your opinion will be taken seriously.

Secondly, I find out how you got your journal. By stealing a code intended for someone else left by a well-wisher on someone else's journal. If you wanted to be a part of the LiveJournal community, why not ask someone who is already a member for a code for a free account or pay for your own account like everyone else does? I find that behaviour despicable and underhand.

Thirdly, you lurk. You have nothing of worth to say about yourself, hence your empty journal. Instead of contributing something worthwhile you simply decide to wade in and cause insult, upset and offense by any means possible.

Fourthly, you then have the gall to try and come across as apologetic, maintaining that you were the one put upon and we are in fact the guilty aggressors. Erm, excuse me? In your very first comment on my journal you called my girlfriend a dirty slapper! I responded politely, biting my tongue, with an open mind, to see if you had anything worthwhile to contribute to the conversation such as my esteemed friend lazrus_armagedn did. When you then proceeded to call most of the people on LJ mentally fucked up and needy, my girlfriend a tart, me insecure, and then you tell me to fuck off? EVEN THEN I do not reduce myself to your level. I calmly refuted your argument, referring you towards a place where you could read about people who live like I do and perhaps learn something. But no. Not you.

Now as for threatening, I will respond in the manner I am treated. I and my three other male housemates really have nothing to fear from you.

As for not responding to your other comment - I simply haven't had time to respond until now. Some of us have better things to do than lurk and stir. So, here is your response: YOU were the one who talked about sex in your smutty manner. I talked about love and relationships only. YOU made it about sex, right from the start. As for hypocrisy, I have always attempted to clear up misunderstandings and apologise where I deem it right to do so. Even if I were wrong in what I said to you (which I'm not), I would not apologise to you because you have done nothing to prove yourself worthy of any apology.

Now, you are entitled to your opinion. You even have a journal with which to voice those opinions, albeit through ill-gotten means. Use your journal to write cohesively about it, make a circle of friends like so many of the other sociable people on here. Be constructive instead of destructive.

As you rightly point out you don't know us or really how any of it works, hence you attack it. Please, go and learn about it before wading in. Google for polyamoury/polyamory and anything else you have found interesting here. I would say come back and partake in decent discussions/debate with us, but to be honest I don't think I really want to, not now.

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