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Downdate (well, it makes a change)

Bike MOT'd. £290 including £20 pounds for a mate to weld the exhaust (top job!), two new tyres, a new rear brake light switch. I fitted the headlight and pads front and rear and sorted out the rubbing problem by cleaning and regreasing them properly.

Oh, dropped the bike on Saturday after trying to bump it over a horizontal bollard outside ev1ldonut's place and miscalculating. Scratches and broken indicator. Superglued the indicator and have now touched up the scratches.

Met racinghippo last night which was fun. Geekery of all descriptions.

The weekend just gone - Friday - juresa came with us to see Impulse 9 and Chaos Engine. Was good, bad pictures need editing and posting. Saturday I went with kissycat1000 and co and ev1ldonut to Bath to get leather trousers and failed again. I roleplayed after yet more logistical fuckups. ev1ldonut was kidnapped by kissycat1000 and went back to Cheltenham. Sunday we all met up at the Oasis in Swindon where we.. swam.

Brain not functioning properly. Need more sleep.. or something.

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