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Bike Weekend!

Fantastic! Everyone seems to be finally getting their bikes in order, so all that remains is for someone to organise something. So here it is! We are all going to OXFORD, on Saturday 5th July (yes, just over three weeks from now!) to meet in:

The Three Pigeons Inn,
London Road,
Milton Common,

There is a field right next door which bikers have used to camp in before and the pub has been informed - so bring yer tents/sleeping bags/what have you - if you haven't room on the bike for a tent I'm sure someone will give you some room in theirs!

The plan is to meet up in the pub during the early afternoon and then we will go for a ride leaving at 3pm promptly. Route TBC. We get back, get some booze, light a few fires and generally have a damn good time before retiring to the tents for the night.

Anyone who wants to come should leave a comment on this post (for numbers), preferably with:
  • Make/model of bike (for interest) - links, not pictures please.
  • Whether they will be bringing a pillion or not
  • Whether they'd be willing to take a pillion in case someone wants to come but hasn't got a ride..
  • Where they're coming from (to help people get rides)

Anyone who wants my mobile number in case of problems should email me separately.

Come on, this is the big biking event of the summer! Promote/link like crazy!

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