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Okay, so here I am at work. Supposedly. I think my brains are dribbling out of my ears. Two nights of red bull and staying up late are taking their toll on me - I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning. Bopped the alarm at least four times.

<GEEK MODE>Managed to get my program into some semblance of order - it will soon be able to cope with dynamic page linking decisions as well as dynamic content. Struggling however because of aforementioned brain seepage problem...</GEEK MODE>

<RANT>ARGH and ICQ is really beginning to piss me off with the CONSTANT spamming by shitty advertisers! I have had 11 already today!</RANT>

<ULTRA-SAD MODE>Oh god. Okay my life is over. I have begun encapsulating all my paragraphs in mood tags. Sod it, perhaps I just ought to write an XML-DTD for my life.. double sad points to those who know what the hell I'm talking about ;)</ULTRA-SAD MODE>

..i think i'm just going to get on with my work now k?..

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