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Weekend in Brighton

This weekend we went to visit gashinryu and meet blaadyblah for the first time (no space-time continuum problems thankfully - noone was [terribly] ill either!). While we were there we also saw uberredfraggle and met flannelcat (also for the first time) and saw olsw (it's been too long!). kissycat1000 posted (in uk_bikers) about the ride down and back, tiring but good fun.

We met up with the last 3 for lunch in Brighton before going up to Crawley to blaadyblah's house for a bit of rest before the planned club outing in the evening! It turns out blaadyblah and I have an affinity for scrabble, much to her obvious delight. Maybe that LJ Match thing does get something right..? Anyway, we'd sat around drinking beer and chatting too much to play scrabble or even order pizza for dinner before having to get ready to go out. We made it to the station and almost ended up paying penalty fares at the other end (oops!) but didn't, thanks to blaadyblah's effective fluttering of eyelashes.

Met up with flannelcat and uberredfraggle again and toddled off to the honey club. After a bit of confusion we got in and soaked up the sights and the sounds. After a fashion we decided to take a short break while we could (before 1am) and went for a wander along the pebbles. Unfortunately we couldn't get back in. Cue silliness.

After telling them, flannelcat and uberredfraggle also came out and joined us by the beach. Cue more silliness.

Eventually flannelcat and uberredfraggle wandered off home leaving us to mill around until our train at 4am (4am!!). Cold and tired, we managed to sit outside a pub. I bet we got a few strange looks - yes, we know it's closed. No, we don't want to buy your hamster cage. Thanks for asking.

And the point of a 24 hour shop that doesn't sell hot food or its (late discovered) microwave that doesn't work? Can someone tell me please? Bah.

Anyway, finally the train station opened and we sat on the warmer train and collapsed, before heading back to sleep as it was getting light. Whoops.

Morning was a short needs-driven affair with food and maps and bikes.

It must be done again :)

Oh, and because they say a picture is 1000 words, here's 13,000 words. Feel free to leave captions for them :) The funniest will be announced in a separate post. All decisions are mine :)


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