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That interview meme

  1. If you had to work in a restaurant chain for a month, which one would you choose, what (plausible job) would you want to do there, and why?
    In all honesty I'd like to be a regional manager who looked at the 'bigger picture' and ensured everything was in place for the chain to be successful, providing perspective to the local restaurant managers, perhaps defining any IT strategy (to make use of my skills).

  2. You mentioned the goblins. But out of Labyrinth - assuming for the moment that it was *real*, and not a film - which part would you play, and why?
    Sir Didymus, I think. His ill-placed sense of loyalty and determination appeals to me.

  3. What's the most surprising attraction you've ever felt - to a person, an object, a place, whatever - and why did it surprise you so?
    Hmm - this one is a toughie. After thinking about it for a considerable amount of time, I don't think I've had an attraction to anything/one I didn't expect to have. This would be because when I grew up I had slight symptoms of autism. Instead of learning my feelings by intuition, I ended up making conscious decisions on how to form my feelings based on my observation of others' failings. As such any attraction is learned rather than instinctual, if that makes any sense..

  4. If someone offered you *lots* of money to pretend to be insane in a public place, would you take the money, and if you did, how would you go about demonstrating your 'insanity'?
    Yes, I would take the money. But I would pretend to be insane in a manner that didn't endanger others and hence make me likely to be locked away for my behaviour. I expect I would live on the streets for a few days, let myself get rather disheveled and then shout and murmer things at the open space around me, never really interacting with another person.

  5. What were you most uncomfortable talking about, and thinking about, as a child?
    Argh, another tricky one. Especially as I have very few memories of my childhood. I really can't remember anything that made me uncomfortable, but something I would find difficult to talk about (because of my lack of perspective) would have been other people, specifically other people's feelings.

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