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Not really sure what to feel about events so far this morning. As I always seem to, I get stuck in to sorting out things on Monday mornings. This time it was to sort out a letter I'd received from Oxford County Council about the parking fine I still haven't paid.

Well, suffice to say there's been lots of to-ing and fro-ing. I have just sent them another email, a long one this time, stating why I don't think I should pay their poxy fine. And I've got a few legs to stand on too. Apparently I'm supposed to be called back some point by a disgruntled representative. I shall breezily redirect her to my email and ask her to read it before calling me back *grin*.

In other news, my old boss has hassled me again about some work in Leatherhead installing a whole network infrastructure. The project lasts 6 months; it's Microsoft (but I can't sniff at that atm). I've told him that for personal reasons I'd rather not work 5 days a week in Leatherhead. It's on-site work so that realistically means I will be working there 2, possibly 3 days a week. He's gone away to talk to them to see if this is acceptable. Not sure how I really feel about that but it's work, reasonable work too. I think I'm glad, and if it comes off I'll be flexible enough to do other stuff in Bristol too.

A guy from resorucing has just phoned up and told me about ANOTHER project that requires an Oracle DBA (the training course I just went on) so I need to update my CV and send it to him. That's in Slough, so again not brilliant.

Right, off to do all that lot and puzzle about it.
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