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I succumbed to the meme...

Trading Cards
Free Account Edition
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Azekeil is a rather strange self-manufactured being. The process for this requires a few rare ingredients chucked in early in the formation process and a pragmatic mind to make sense of it all and not give in to the surrounding chaos.
Strengths: Analytical, principled, posessed of few of the standard character flaws (what's the point?), centered, affectionate, boisterous, happy, willful, fun, ambitious, usually a quick and accurate judge of character
Weaknesses: Analytical, principled, difficulty in picking up subtexts, not always recognising others' feelings, stubborn, moody, ambitious
Special Skills: Geeking while actually having a life as well (it IS possible!), getting paid for working from home *ahem*!
Weapons: the Great Grin Gun, the Surprise-Hug-And-Run-Away-Very-Quickly attack and of course finally the Rib-Cracking Bear Hug.
Qualities I Admire: Independence, Intelligence, Principles (that make sense), Strength of Character, a Balanced Attitude, Confidence

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