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My ISP are upgrading my broadband speed to 120Mbit. I just realised in order to take full advantage of this I'm going to need to replace the 100Mbit network card that currently services the cable modem.. to 1Gbit!

This.. strikes me as somewhat insane.
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That shouldn't be a problem, with el cheapo 1GBit cards being under 20 quid. Ok, they probably can't sustain the full 1Gbit rate under heavy usage, but they should be able to handle 120Mbit.

Also, I believe you're getting a price cut as well as a faster service? Lucky ****** ;-)
I have lots of machines with 1Gb NICs on the motherboard... I find the switches to be the main expense... :-(

I'm still stuck at the end of a piece of wet string, hoping to get more than 2Mbps some day. )-8
We're getting upgraded to 60Mb.... plenty fast enough for what we do here.
I think my "ethernet over a power ring main" device does over 100Mbps - and yet the ethernet port it lets me connect to is only 100Mbps....
Ooh, do report how it performs :)