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Stuff my girlfriend is forcing me to throw away

Does anyone want any of the following? It all works to a degree.

  • 2x small computer desks with keyboard shelves - one good one poor condition
  • Shallow chest of drawers
  • 2'4" square white Melamine coffee table
  • 2 1x 14" analog CRT TVs
  • 4 slice toaster
  • Microwave (interior light needs replacing, possibly on the way out; had to reset power to get it working but seems fine a month later)
  • George Foreman electric contact grill
  • Under counter 1/2 height 50cm wide white fridge with ice compartment (ideally collect on 2nd June)
  • 4x kitchen chairs, all matching
  • Assorted kitchen crockery, cutlery, pans, utensils etc - although this relies on us sorting through stuff (garlic press)
  • A box of mugs
  • A half-box of wine glasses
  • A Sony 29" (I think) CRT TV with 3 Dolby Pro-Logic surround sound speakers and remote

If not it's all going to the tip. 'Buyer' collects. It may even be clean, if you're lucky (I'm serious). I will strike stuff off here as it's claimed.

Do check back every while as I'm adding more stuff as we discover more we need to get rid of.
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