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Geek alert!

Been messing around with PCs all night *sigh*. When will it ever end? After much shuffling around I have now put the quiet power supply in my main machine (which is turning out to be the quietest after all that! *shock* *horror*). Now all I need to do is get a quiet harddisk or 3, spend the rest of my life playing and fiddling and I might end up with a half decent setup at some point.

Just writing this before I go to bed as I thought I would get the chance to get on here sooner than I have.. oh well.

Haven't bothered to set any of the PCs back up as the cabling is a nightmare down there and I can't be bothered to do it now. Looks like it might well be friday.. or wait I could take a PC down to Ollies over the weekend and avoid it for some more time.. yes.. that sounds like a good idea :)


I suppose I ought to give Ollie a call and arrange this weekend really :)

Oh well. My usual stunningness in organising my social life is coming through again. Now it really is bedtime. Night :)

(Why am I telling my journal good night??!?)
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