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I just went out and bought Stuff™.

I just bought a new telly:

It's a 42" Goodmans LD4255HD; I think it's made especially for Comet, where I got it from for £799. I was just going to get a 37" one but it was only £100 extra for the 42". It's huge! See that mug? That's a normal size mug. At least my centre speaker looks in proportion now :)

It's really rather good :)

Also, another toy I ordered a couple of days ago arrived at work today; a Corsair Voyager 8GB USB key. The 8GB is the fastest one they currently do - 31MB/s read, 19MB/s write.. oh yeah. I've installed linux on it to boot off it (which it doesn't quite yet) which should be faster than a normal HDD, certainly faster than a laptop HDD. AND it will work on just about any PC that can boot from USB. AND it'll carry loads of other stuff around too :)
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