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Not such a good night.

This morning I woke up after having some lucid dreams. I guess it probably started when I realised that I'd screwed a plank down that was now behind the new wall that's been plastered, and I need to get it up to make one last change. So that's going to be a pain. In addition to the extra work I hadn't realised the walls would need I guess it's all just anxiety.

Anyway, that appeared to manifest in my dreams as Tianna's friends coming over to a different house where we were living and them wrecking the plastered walls I'd just put up. I woke up feeling really angry, but all the while knowing it was just a dream.

So now I'm feeling fairly sorry for myself, but I need to shake off the fug and get on with it.

There, an attempt to document my brain-meats. Of course it only talks about what's on the surface. I haven't really worked out much beyond that - I don't really have time to think about it. Which is probably good, in a way.
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