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DIY extravaganza

It was Saturday morning. The morning of the big DIY weekend. I had accepted my fate, and was actually quite cheerful. I popped out to the shops to pick up some milk and the radio played The Troggs/With A Girl Like You at me, which was great.

The wood had arrived during the week - all eleven planks of 8"x2"x3.6m. I set about cutting it up into 6" slices for pillars - this would save me over £200 in wood!

Two hours later and I had the wood mountain in my kitchen (this wasn't quite all of it!):

It took me a while to scale the wood pile:

But finally I made it to the top:

I wanted to get my broom and plant a flag, but unfortunately my broom was behind the door buried by the wood...

Cutting all this wood made quite a lot of sawdust (this wasn't all of it either!):

However, this coated everything in a fine coat of dust, which I wasn't so impressed with:

Anyway, I made a good start on the loft before the others arrived:

The next day, proceedings were interrupted by an avian visitor. I valiantly attempted to throw a curtain over it and take it outside and to safety, but bearing in mind that I was precariously balanced on rafters at this time with no flooring and lots of jutting up bits of wood, and the damn thing flew right at me - I panicked, made a grab for it with the curtain and felt elation at the warm round thing in my curtained hands.. suddenly it was dark, and I was holding the light bulb which I'd wrenched out of the socket and the bird retreated in a flutter of wings to a safe distance, eyeing me suspiciously:

*shakeyfist* Damn bird!!

Well, we left it to its own devices and managed to finish off the loft. Boy do I ache now. The kids bedroom now has matching furniture and curtains. The final finishing touches to the room should be done in the next few days; then it's just accessories, posters, TV brackets and the like.

That was a long hard weekend.
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