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kissycat1000's Birthday Party!

That was so much fun. Trying to describe it reminds me of some verses from Baggy Trousers (which of course was played at one point).. Anyway, enough waffle - pictures are here.

Then, in a moment of brilliance inspired by wrapping the cake, I believe - you'll see that lee_chaos got wrapped in tin foil in the pictures.. well ev1ldonut got wrapped in cling film by sepheri and anti_girl.. and then unwrapped as well! This has to beat the previous ice-cube incident... ;)

Video details: Wrap: ~2.8MB (~34 seconds long), Unwrap: ~3.8MB (~47 seconds long) in Bink .EXE format - right-click and 'Save As...' to download; double-click to play in Windows. Other OS users can view/edit it with free RAD tools.

There was much arse-groping (god there were some fine arses there, oh yes..) and dancing and merry making. A good old knees up. I actually stayed up 'till the end of the party - first time ever! I managed to not have a hangover (just tiredness), and the house got cleared up quickly the morning after. Thanks everyone!

Sorry for the folks who couldn't make it - you missed a corker..!
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