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  1. Driven at 50mph.. in a field.. sideways.. towards a hedge.. with someone clinging for dear life to the roof.
  2. Totalled my instructor's motorbike.. the day before I passed my full test first time.
  3. Had a purity score that most people blush at.. before I lost my virginity.
  4. Chatted nicely to a burglar as he broke in to our beach hut while I sent my sister away to fetch my father. I was age 10.
  5. Ridden at 145mph.. with a passenger.
  6. As a young boy, been the unhealthy 'focus of interest' of the male head teacher of the school I attended.
  7. Broken a bed with a person.
  8. Built a fitted bespoke cupboard from scratch! *grin*
  9. Travelled from Manchester to Godalming via the London Underground whilst carrying a car-load of stuff after my car blew up.
  10. Nearly had a foursome with my gorgeous ex-boss and her partner but didn't as my partner had to get home to her husband..
  11. Helped convince a 16 year old to wear a skin-tight rubber dress and come out to a fetish club with us - I don't think she was ever quite the same since ;)
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